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Style icon: Nora Ephron

Yes, I realize that rhymes. Now, you may think Nora Ephron is as unusual choice for a style icon, but she brought such unforgettable female characters to the silver screen with a distinct writing style that it’s hard to imagine modern female roles without her. What I love best about Ms. Ephron’s women is that…

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Ich ben ein Berliner

Just watched “Unknown” starring Liam Neeson this weekend. Firstly, I love how Mr. Neeson has become this great action hero since “Taken”. What I found so funny during the movie was that Mr. D leaned over and said, “I know you’re looking at [Diane Kruger's] outfit right now and thinking to yourself: Where do I…

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a bit remiss

I’m afraid I’ve slacked a bit on the posting, but it’s been quite the month. First, my mother came to visit me from the Philippines before we flew to L.A. to pick up my sister and her kids to go to the Philippines. I can’t believe that my countdown clock says there are only 9…

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drab ain't so drab

In homage to all the military drab that’s been walking the runways, I present my good old olive green sweater-blazer that I bought a couple of years ago and accidentally threw in the wash and ended up all pill-y. Thanks to the wonders of modern science (also known as my pill shaver), it looks good…

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