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Packing for a business trip

Posts have been a bit spotty this week due to work travel, which is somewhat of a necessary evil in my line of work. For a three-day trip, I hate to check bags in (especially on airlines that charge for each bag). So, I try to be really tactical about what I’m packing. Here’s some…

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Vacation spot: Dedon Island

As the Philippines is once again on the New York Times‘ Places to See in 2013, and since Mr. D and I are planning to take the Little Lamb there sometime this year, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing a little tropical dreaming on this cold Friday. It was 38 degrees F outside when I left…

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the arctic club

Mr. D decided to whisk me away to Seattle for our “babymoon”, an occasion we thought was a widespread practice among parents-to-be. Apparently it isn’t, so for those of you wondering what a babymoon is, it’s basically like a honeymoon where you and your partner take some time away before the baby is born. We…

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how to pack efficiently

Growing up, I watched my Dad pack for business trips to Europe and the US for the annual furniture shows. It was always fascinating to me that he could fit nearly a month’s worth of clothing into one suitcase. Then I grew up and learned the difference between men’s and women’s clothing. Still, my Dad…

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