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Good packages, part 2

For those who know me, you’ve probably heard many times about my love for all things Aritzia. Their great slouchy shirts and sweaters, comfortable yet stylish pants and sweet dresses are just—as my good friend George is fond of pointing out—”on brand” for me. That the quality and materials of their clothing is top-notch is the cherry on top. I could gush about them all day (and probably do), going through each item I own piece by piece, but what I want to talk about today is packaging.

I love when a brand thinks about every single detail and facet of the customer experience and when I order something online, I’m more likely to think that my money’s been well spent when my order arrives in a beautiful box rather than a plastic bag. (And is recyclable, to boot.) I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again: it’s all in the packaging.

So when Aritzia announced they had an online store, just in time for holiday sales, of course I jumped! Early happy birthday to me!

As a writer, too, I appreciate that little bit of storytelling that happens when you open a box and see what’s inside. The full experience brings you that much closer to being a loyal customer. And, I mean, how cute is the little “tear here” tab?

The layers just build anticipation!

And some warm gratitude underneath it all.

Did I say I love Aritzia?


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