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joyeuses noces de coton, part deux

The Ceremony

When Mr. D and I got married last year, the short and sweet ceremony was perfect for our location and for the number of people there. However, there were a lot of things from a traditional Filipino ceremony we were missing. Since we knew we were going to the Philippines the next year, we decided to save a lot of those things for then.

Firstly, there’s the Principal and Secondary sponsors, otherwise known as the Godparents and the Candle, Veil and Cord Sponsors. The Godparents are those you choose from family and family friends to witness your marriage and to give you support and advice as the years go on. Many of the godparents at our wedding are our actual birth godparents as well. Others are friends of our parents who have watched us grow up. We chose each of them because we had a close relationship to them.

the ocean pavilion, our ceremony venue

communion elements; solo violin

mr. d with his parents

le grande entrance

me and my folks

the ceremony

The Candle sponsors are the ones who light our individual nuptial candles. The Veil Sponsors attach a veil over the bride and groom to show God’s covering of blessing over them. The three-part cord represents the couple being joined together with God at the center.

the veil; the bible; the arrhae; bridesmaids and MOH

Aside from the rings, there are other Treasures the groom gives to the bride. The first is the Bible, and the other is the arrhae, or coins. The arrhae symbolize the groom’s promise to take care of the bride financially. Most people would think it extremely old-fashioned, especially in an age where women work and earn their own living, but the symbolism still appeals to me.

the kiss; a big hug for dad; our attendants; the kiss v.2

ready to go to the reception, photos by Joey Reyna & Nelson Petilla

Before we knew it, we were pronounced man and wife (again) and were so happy to see everyone as we walked back down the aisle.

Next, The Party!


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