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So I know I’ve been MIA for the past five months, but what a five months it’s been! Shortly before we were gearing up for our big trip to Spain, Mr. D and I found out that we were expecting! We were very hush-hush about it for a while, and told our families only when we’d come back from Spain and were safely past our first trimester.

Now, I’m nearing the end of my second trimester and feeling great! So far, no real morning sickness, weird cravings, or any other usual symptoms. I’m glad I’ve been able to stay active and find lots of cute clothes. The only downside is I’ve had to give up my beloved heels at my doctor’s urging, but I’m sure it’s saved me a lot of pain and potential trips and falls.

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I feel lucky to have Mr. D to take my maternity photos. I don’t know how comfy I would’ve felt with anyone else, and his excitement over our pending arrival makes me positively giddy, too!


belltinkery - Yay, you’re back to blogging and congratulations to you and Mr. D!

saintmims - Thanks, belltinkery!

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